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Date: Thursday, May 14, 2015 @ 14:00:00 EDT
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Wheel Alignment Special

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Wheel Alignment Special!!

Only $59.95 for small to midsize vehicles! $69.95 for SUV or passenger truck!!We appreciate your business. Thank you for helping the little man!

Your rides suspension and steering components start to wear out over time, which means regularly maintaining your vehicle is important when looking to maintain the car you love. If you have noticed that your car is "pulling" to one side or the other. If your tires are showing uneven wear, these are all warning signs that you need a wheel alignment; Advanced Tire will inspect your steering and suspension system.

  • Check your tire condition and air pressure
  • Adjust your camber, caster and toe angles, if adjustable, to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Road test your vehicle to ensure your alignment is straight forward
  • Provide you with a printout containing your before and after alignment readings

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