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Alpine Air Inc.

Energy Star Rebate Program

Goveno Charlie CristIncreasing the energy efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system is one of the most productive steps you can take as a homeowner to cut your energy costs. Upgrading your system and reducing leaks in your ducts will not only help you save energy, but it will also boost Florida’s economy and help secure Florida’s environment for future generations. Thank you for doing all you can to make a difference for the future of Florida.Charlie Crist

The Florida ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC Rebate Program is designed to encourage existing homeowners to replace their old energy-inefficient heating and cooling system with a properly-sized energy efficient system and to ensure that their heating and cooling duct system has minimal leakage.

Program Start Date: August 30, 2010 – No purchase invoices or installations with dates prior to August 30, 2010, will be accepted.

Program End Date: December 31, 2010, or when the funds are depleted. Purchase of any needed repairs to duct work and installation must be completed by this date.

Qualifying Appliances: The following Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Cooling (HVAC) standards have been set by the federal government to meet the Federal Energy Tax Credits standards. Systems that meet the Federal Energy Tax Credits standards will also meet Florida’s ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC Rebate Program standards.

If you have any concerns whether or not your HVAC system meets these qualifications, we strongly recommend consumers ask their installer for a copy of the AHRI Certificate of Product Ratings or the Manufacturer Certification Statement and attach it to your rebate application.

Note: Click on HVAC category in table to view eligible products which meet program criteria.

  Central Air Conditioners
(Size: 403KB)
Air Source Heat Pumps
(Size: 539KB)
Geothermal Heat Pumps
(Size: 116KB)
Split Systems Package
Split Systems Package
Open Loop Direct
EER1 >=13 >=12 >=12.5 >=12 >=14.1 >=16.2 >=15
SEER2 >=16 >=14 >=15 >=14 - - -
HSPF4 - - >=8.5 >=8 - - -
COP4 - - - - >=3.3 >=3.6 >=3.5

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1EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) indicates the level of efficiency of the system, the higher the EER rating, the more energy efficient is the equipment.
2SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) indicates the level of seasonal energy efficiency, the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient is the equipment.
3HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) rates the efficient operation of the heating portion of the heat pump. As the HSPF increases, the unit functions at a more efficient level.
4COP (Coefficient of Performance) of a heat pump is the ratio of the change in heat at the "output" (the heat reservoir of interest) to the supplied work.

Other Requirements to Qualify: In addition to purchasing a new central air conditioner, air source heat pump or geothermal heat pump in Florida that meets the Federal Energy Tax Credits standards, Florida homeowners must also hire either a Florida Class 1 rater, a State of Florida licensed Mechanical Contractor, or a recognized test and balance agent to perform a duct test on their home to document that the home has no more than 15 percent leakage to the outside (as indicated by a score of 0.10 Qn.out).

Amount of Rebate: $1,500, Limit of one rebate per customer and household for rebate offer.

To Apply for the Rebate, a Florida homeowner must purchase and install a new HVAC system, have their duct system tested with a resulting leakage score of no more than 15 percent (0.10 Qn.out), and submit a completed rebate application form, along with four additional documents:

  1. A copy of the HVAC system price and payment receipt with the purchase date, make and model clearly identified to ensure the system meets Federal Energy Tax Credit standards and the home address,
  2. A copy of the mechanical building permit, with the home address identified, issued by either your county or city for your HVAC system replacement which is a requirement of the state when replacing an HVAC system,
  3. A copy of the summary (first page) of the ACCA Manual J program, used to properly size the HVAC system, and
  4. A copy of the Air Distribution System Test Report completed and indicating the home has no more than 15 percent leakage as evidenced by a score of 0.10 Qn.out.

This Rebate Program Might Not Be For You: Approximately 12 percent of the homes in Florida have duct systems that cannot be accessed for repair. If your home has extensive duct damage or your home duct systems cannot be easily repaired, this program may not be for you. If your duct system is difficult to access, it is possible that your home will never achieve a score of 15 percent leakage or less and thus will never qualify for this rebate. It is strongly recommended that the homeowner discuss any concerns with a Florida licensed HVAC installer before pursuing this rebate.


  • According to Progress Energy of Florida, heating and cooling represents 42 percent of the energy used in the average home in Florida. Thus, improving a home’s HVAC system presents the greatest opportunity for energy savings.
  • Florida Power & Light estimated that two-thirds of all Florida homes have leaking ducts that go undetected and these leaks are one of the biggest sources of wasted energy in a home.
  • Researchers at the Florida Solar Energy Center found that sealing ductwork in existing homes cut cooling bills by about a third.
  • The University of Florida’s IFAS Extension Service determined that among typical homes in Florida, duct systems lose 25 to 40 percent of heating or cooling energy. Further, leaky ducts make your HVAC system work much harder. Home heating and cooling ducts leaking just 20 percent of the conditioned air passing through them causes the HVAC to work 50 percent harder.

The Florida ENERGY STAR® Residential HVAC Rebate program aims to provide a financial incentive to homeowners to upgrade their system to an energy efficient unit and to have their home ducting system checked and corrected concurrent with replacing their HVAC system.

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