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Alpine Air Inc

Alpine Air, Inc. is a Jacksonville, Florida business owned and operated by Saundra Jones. We specialize in service, repair, installation and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial/process heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration systems.

Alpine Air, Inc. Can Repair, Service & Maintain ALL BRANDS of Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment.

Alpine Air, Inc. has factory trained technicians that have all been drug tested and background screened for your safety. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about your heating or cooling system.

We strive to provide you with a quality service and dependable equipment at an affordable price. We guarantee our work in writing, taking the risk off you. If we repair a system and it fails for the same reason, we will repair it again at no cost for a full twelve months. Call us for seasonal specials. senior/military discounts and promotional specialties. 

Alpine Air, Inc. offers maintenance contracts to ensure that your equipment is serviceable at all times. Call us to see how this can save you money.


Things to check before you call for service
  1. Check breakers.  Make sure ALL breakers are set to the "on" position.  Cycle breaker by turning breaker completly off and then back on.
  2. Check filters.  If filters are dirty, replace filter or clean if permenant.
  3. Check thermostat.  Are all the settings correct?  Is the thermostat getting power?  If you have a thermostat with a battery back-up, have the batteries been changed?
  4. Check outside unit (condensor).  Is the outside unit running?  If so, are there any unusual noises?  Is the condensor free of overgrowth such as tall grass, vines, etc.?
  5. If the system is geting power, thermostat is operating normally, filter is clean, and outside unit is running but your A/C or heat is not cooling or heating properly, it is time to call for service.

Maintenance Tips you can do on your own.

  1.  Clean your A/C drain line.  This is a simple task, but is can cause thousands in damage if neglected.  If your drain line has a removable cap or plug, a few ounces of bleach poured into the line every 3 - 4 months can help keep the drain flowing properly.  if you are able to open the Air Handler safely, a 1/2 cup of bleach poured into the drain pan will also keep it clean.  If a cap or plug is not available on your system, it may be added by a trained service technician.
  2. Keep Air filters clean and current.  In our area, once a month is a good rule to follow.
  3. Check the outside Condensing Unit.  This assures the coils are clean and not becoming blocked by leaves or lint from a dryer vent.  Hose off the coils once or twice a year being careful not to bend the fins.



Alpine Air, Inc.

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